An exciting opportunity exists for students seeking to achieve their best in the final years at school to join us in Year 11, 2020.

St Augustine’s College offers a balanced and holistic education in the best learning environment, for all students in the academic, sport and co-curricular areas, giving a foundation for a diversity of success post HSC.

Applications for Year 11, 2020 close on Friday, 1 November 2019 at 4:00pm.

To apply, please complete our online Application for Enrolment form.

The College will also consider supporting applicants with financial needs.*

Applications for the Bursary Program must be submitted at the time of applying for enrolment. To apply for a Bursary, forward the completed Bursary Application to the College Registrar by Friday, 1 November at 4:00pm: Applications are confidential. 

*The College considers applications for the Bursary Program where a family is in need or disadvantaged and where financial hardship precludes a family from paying full fees. Applications for financial assistance are means-tested and assessed against the need of other Bursary applicants.

Please contact Margaret Oates, College Registrar with any enquiries:

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